ACTP and the Caribbean Amazons

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This year will be ten years since ACTP started its work in the Caribbean islands. Beside working in the natural habitat of the St. Vincent and St. Lucia parrot we started to set up an external population for both species in Germany. On many occasions people did not take our arguments serious, that is the need to have such external population in case of nature catastrophes. Moreover, as an adaptation to the impact of climate change.
We are happy that the governments of both islands responded and took our arguments serious. Now after hurricane Irma and Maria, it is clear for everyone to see how essential an ex situ population can become for the safety and conservation of endangered species, that are now very vulnerable to the impact of natural disasters which are exacerbate by climate change.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the governments of the Islands St. Vincent and St. Lucia for their ongoing trust in ACTP during the last ten years. We are looking forward to strengthen these relationships in the future to protect the beautiful Amazon species of the Caribbean islands, especially, the small island states of the Eastern Caribbean.