Internship in Germany

Internship at ACTP e.V. in Germany 

Are you concerned about preserving wildlife, or do you want to take an active part in international conservation efforts? 

The Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots is an NGO dedicated to the conservation of globally threatened parrot species, well-known for our projects involving the Spix's Macaw and the Lesser Antillean Amazons. In 2022, we would like to extend our German internship program, providing students and volunteers a unique opportunity to join our team and to gather experience in psittacine husbandry manuals, ex-situ conservation work, and parrot biology.


Internship duration: minimum four weeks – preferably 10-12 weeks 




• good physical condition
• general interest in ethology, behavioral communication, and avian conservation
• previous experience with parrots is advisable but not mandatory
• generic theoretical knowledge in psittacine behavior and biology
• working independently
• advanced team skills


English (minimum B2), German (not required, but a Proficiency in German is beneficial)


>18 (enrolled in a B.Sc or M.Sc. program)



• get an insight into our ex-situ conservation work, involving several globally threatened species
• based on your academic background, you will help with the scientific data collection
• monitoring of breeding activities (March-August)
• assistance in different husbandry activities (food preparation, feeding, maintenance)
• insight into the long-term health management
• working in a dedicated team





January-March 2023: 2 positions
March-May 2023: 3 positions
June-August: 1 position
September - December: 3 positions


Please send the application email to, which should include the following:

  1. A motivation letter stating why you would like to apply for a position
  2. CV (max 5 pages)
  3. Approximate duration of your stay



Volunteers and interns are not required to pay any fee, however, as we are unable to provide accommodation for the duration of the internship/volunteer program, we kindly ask all applicants that are considered for an internship or volunteer position to look for a suitable option close to the facility. Health insurance for the entire period is required, and all travel requirements should be followed carefully. 



Due to the increasing infection rates, we can only consider applications from people who are fully vaccinated or have proof of recovery.

Under the premise that our work involves globally threatened species, please be aware that we are unfortunately not able to allow for any invasive/medical procedures to be performed under any circumstances by interns or by persons who are not part of the permanent staff.