Mission & Objectives



ACTP e.V. (Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots e.V.) is a registered non-profit organisation based in Germany. We dedicate our work to the protection and conservation of endangered parrots and their habitats.





We initiate innovative and sustainable projects for the protection and the conservation of endangered parrots and their natural habitats. All of our projects are jointly implemented with our partners in the range countries.


Our conservation strategy targets two main objectives:


1. In-situ measures
Together with our partners we develop measures in the range countries to protect endangered parrots from illegal trafficking and to preserve their natural habitats from human influences.


2. Ex-situ measures
In our breeding facility located in Germany, we engage in the breeding of endangered parrots for the future reintroduction of the birds into the wild and for the development of captive safety net populations.


To achieve our goals, we work closely with scientific institutions, international organisations and wildlife protection agencies as well as a large community of institutional and private breeding organisations.


As a registered non-profit organisation, we depend on donations to make our work possible.


We therefore would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our donators for their support and their trust in our work so far!