News from the Caribbean Islands…

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It was a very special week for the ACTP team. We signed a new Memorandum of understanding with the Government of St. Lucia., represented by the Hon. Minister Joseph of Saint Lucia’s ministry of agriculture. This was to launch the construction of an Wildlife Conservation and education Center (WCEC)! It will give visitors and locals the chance to see endemic species of Saint Lucia very close without invading their natural habitat and guided tours will provide knowledge and special information.
The project vet, Dr. Marcellus Bürkle, has examined all animals, living in the zoo currently, to get a health status of the future inhabitants of the new rainforest walkthrough.
ACTP also extended the ex-situ work for the Saint Lucia Parrot.
We want to make sure the St. Lucia amazon is protected in all possible ways and we are happy to have such a strong cooperation with very dedicated partners in the government of St. Lucia!
Especially after a short visit to Dominica, which was hit by Hurricane Maria last year, and seeing the impact of the storm, we recognized again, how important it is to continue and extend the conservation work in the Caribbean region...