Spix’s Macaw exchange between ACTP and AWWP

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Spix’s Macaw exchange with AWWP

The start of 2016 at ACTP was all about the Spix's Macaw. With the exchange of six of the rare blue macaws between ACTP and Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) from Qatar, we started in January with a milestone for the program. Three young birds from Qatar came to Germany. Here they will be paired now with our own offspring from last year and form unrelated couples.
Since AWWP had great success in artificial insemination(AI) during the last years, we sent an adult pair to Qatar, which cannot breed naturally. Now it is possible to preserve the genes of these rare birds using AI. It is very important for the program to save the genes especially of the male bird, since it is the last living founder bird.
Also one of our young birds, bred last year in Germany, is now living at AWWP, where it is paired with a young female.
This exchange shows once again how closely the partners of the program work together in terms of the Spix's macaws and how we are getting closer towards our goal - to see the little blue macaws flying in the wild again.